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Breast Reconstruction

The Center for Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction is a dedicated resource for women seeking the most advanced methods of breast reconstruction utilizing the body’s own tissue.

Dr. Robert J. Allen pioneered microsurgical Breast Reconstruction with perforator flaps in 1992. He originated the DIEP, the S-GAP, the I-GAP and the SIEA procedures for breast reconstruction.

Since joining the practice in 2004, Dr. Levine has helped to advance our understanding of perforator flap breast reconstruction with many important publications and presentations around the world (click for CV).

Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction requires three stages of surgery. (Please refer to Surgery Preparation/Reconstruction Timeline). All procedures for breast reconstruction are done with the utmost care with you in mind.

State of The Art Techniques

Using state of the art techniques developed at our Center, we perform more than 300 breast reconstructions annually. Years of research and commitment to refining techniques have allowed us to perfect superior methods of breast reconstruction that use your own body's tissue without the need for implants or sacrifice of muscles in the abdomen. For those without adequate abdominal tissue, other areas can be borrowed from again without disturbing the body's underlying muscle structure.

Using our advanced techniques, any breast size can be reconstructed and restored to a natural contour. Bilateral reconstruction (when both breasts are removed) is especially amenable to our muscle sparing techniques. Reconstruction can take place simultaneous to mastectomy, or at a later time.

Our team of Board Certified Plastic Surgeons and caring, compassionate staff will provide support before, during, and after surgery. Please contact us to make an appointment or click here to inquire about insurance information.


We work closley with Breast Surgical oncologists, Alan Stolier, MD, and Laura Lazarus, MD. They perform the latest techniques of skin sparing mastectomy & sentinel node mapping. Their offices are located adjacent to ours in the Breast Center and coordinated consultations can be arranged.

Immediate Or Delayed Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction may be performed simultaneously to mastectomy for immediate restoration of volume and shape or at a delayed time if radiation is planned following mastectomy. The benefit of immediate reconstruction is that it allows for a skin sparing mastectomy in those who are appropriate candidates. Our breast cancer surgeons can consult with you to decide whether immediate of delayed reconstruction is best for you. If you have already had lumpectomy or mastectomy it is not too late to undergo restoration of your body and sense of wholeness. If you have had a previous reconstruction that you are now unhappy with, you may benefit from replacing your implants or expanders with your own body’s tissue.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance companies are required by law to pay for all or part of the cost of breast reconstruction at any time after removal of your breast tissue, including surgery to another breast for symmetry if needed. Click here for more information.

Our patient support staff are well experienced in working with all major insurers and will help you work through the details of your individual insurance plan to help keep your out of pocket expenses to an absolute minimum. If you have experienced a denial of coverage from your insurer please communicate this to our staff as these problems are often reversible with the proper documentation that our office can help prepare for you.

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