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Comparative Examination of Complaints of Patients with Breast Cancer with and Without Silicone Implants

May 2002 | J.E. Craigie, MD R.J. Allen, MD
Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod B - Vol. 61-66 #102

This study compared the number and type of complaints reported by patients with breast cancer who had had silicone gel implants and those without implants. The authors recognized their study's limitations to determine causality between silicone implants and nonobjective symptomatology associated with vague functional syndromes, and they made attempts to improve the objectivity of certain diagnostic symptoms The results failed to demonstrate a direct correlation between patients with saline- filled implants and those with silicone gel-filled implants would be a useful addition to this study.

As plastic surgeons, we took particular note of the authors' observation that "many women consider [implant reconstruction] to be artificial and unnatural." These observations should motivate reconstructive surgeons as they continue to critically examine their results and improve the quality and safety of breast reconstruction.

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