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General Instructions For Your Upcoming Surgery

In general avoid aspirin containing compounds, ibuprofen, and herbal medications at least 2 weeks before surgery. You may take Tylenol as needed. Refer to the medication sheet in your information packet for more detail. Call if you have any additional questions about any medication that is not prescribed by The Center for Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction.

Do Not Smoke. Avoid smoking for at least 6 months before and 6 weeks after surgery. This includes exposure to “second hand smoke”. Cigarette smoking causes blood vessel spasm and can diminish blood flow to your reconstruction. Tissue without blood supply heals poorly and can die completely. Wash from shoulders to thighs in the 2 days prior to surgery with Dial soap or preferably Hibiclens soap (do not use on your face). You do not need a prescription to purchase Hibiclens. 

Sleeping pill night before surgery OK with prescription.

Lab work will generally be required before surgery. We will discuss this prior to or at your initial visit. All lab work required must be completed and reports faxed to hospital and office 9 days prior to surgery.

Notify us of any cold, fever, or if other illnesses occur in the days before surgery.

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